Call Pattern Analysis

Call pattern analysis is an intelligence technique used to identify patterns in telephone call traffic.

Analysing telephone call data can be a time-consuming and complex task.  Footprint Investigations use bespoke call data analysis software, enabling large volumes of call data to be simplified and formatted, allowing for both accurate and swift interpretation of results.

Used to identify associations between individuals, this technique highlights the unique pattern or ‘lifestyle’ of the telephone user.

Call pattern analysis will identify the telephone numbers contacted, the frequency of calls and the most commonly contacted parties.

Any professional call pattern analysis should clearly identify the criteria in which the analysis relies upon.  However, this is rarely the case and therefore opportunities may arise in which an alternative set of conclusions can be formed.

We frequently analyse an extended period of call data and will identify variations between voice call and text message contact, excluding contact which is irrelevant or potentially misleading.

Call pattern analysis can also assist with mobile phone attribution.

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