Digital Forensics Advice

Footprint Investigations specialise in cell site analysis, and although we do not conduct any other digital forensic services, we are well placed to give advice. Should you have any digital media requiring forensic analysis, such as computers, mobile phones, Sat-Nav’s, please contact Zentek Forensics Ltd, one of our trusted partner companies who can also work to tight turnaround times and within LAA funding.

Forensic examinations of mobile phones include, SIM cards, call logs, text messages, email entries, contacts, internet browsing history, GPS and signalling data, camera/video data, along with access to deleted data in many cases.

All types of computer forensics can also be conducted, no matter what type of case you have.

We provide this advice as we are frequently asked to recommend reputable supplier of digital forensics. We are happy to assist whenever possible, we have no financial gain from this but provide this service in order that our clients can achieve the best opportunity in their casework.

For further information regarding digital forensics please contact Footprint Investigations on 01527 467467 or email