Cell Site Analysis

What is Cell Site Analysis?

Cell Site Analysis is used to ascertain the likely location of a mobile phone through the detailed examination of historic call data records, often in conjunction with radio frequency network surveys.

The conclusions within the cell site analysis expert report will often predict the location of any mobile phones under investigation at relevant times in order to either support the Crown case or corroborate the defence alibi.

Law enforcement agencies usually develop cell site analysis as an intelligence tool and are then able to instruct appropriately qualified experts in order to present evidence of opinion at a trial.

With regard to the criminal defence team, cell site analysis evidence normally appears as maps and schedules. On other occasions you may be presented with a bundle of papers without any “expert” report or suitable explanation as to the relevance of such documents. At Footprint investigations we can offer you the expert solution and are able to give free confidential assessment of the evidence in relation to your case.

Regardless of whether you are acting on behalf of the prosecution or the defence, you can be assured  that we will listen to your instructions and consider your requirements to provide an evidential package which will be credible, effective and robust when presented to the Court.

In all cases we will provide you with a written quotation and outline of the cell site analysis work to be addressed. This will enable the appropriate authority to be gained and the expert report to be commissioned. We do operate within the funding guidelines of the LAA.

The cell site analysis results are written into a comprehensive expert report, maps and colour coded schedules, which can also be displayed on screens or monitors. We avoid technical jargon, therefore leaving a jury in no doubt as to the relevance of the evidence placed before them.

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