Mobile Phone Attribution

It is essential when utilising Cell Site Analysis as evidence to ‘place the phone in the user’s hand.’  This applies to both prosecution and defence cases.

There are many techniques that can be used in support of phone attribution, ranging from simply who the registered subscriber is, to the examination of usage of a phone in comparison to significant places of interest such as work or home addresses.

Footprint Investigations have experienced staff who are able to offer a review and examination of any attribution statement or report. Upon request we will provide help and advice to any person seeking to complete their own attribution document as part of their case.

It is relevant that we can only draw upon the information available; however, it is the understanding of what possibilities are available which can either support or undermine the possession and control of a phone by any individual or group, either simultaneously or consecutively.

Using our bespoke data processing suite, Footprint Investigations have the expertise to analyse vast quantities of call data records.  Mobile Phone Attribution analysis can be a powerful tool when identifying links between a mobile phone and an individual or network.

Footprint Investigations can ensure that you are well informed with the latest advances through our free CPD courses “ Cell Site Analysis Explained” and Cell Site Analysis in Action”. We are accredited by the Bar Standards Board and each course attracts up to 3 CPD points.