International Cell Site Of The Week

This is a cell site located on Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany as taken on a recent trip by one of our cell site analysis experts.

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International Cell Site Of The Week

A cell site picture taken on a recent trip to Sydney Australia by one of our Cell Site Analysis Experts.


Cell Site Analysis Expert Required


Cell Site Analysis Engineer Required

We are currently recruiting for a cell site analysis expert to join the UK’s leading dedicated provider of cell site analysis.

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Cell Site of the Week




Another international cell site this week. This was photographed by one of our Analysts in Lanzarote on a recent holiday.

International Cell Site of the Week

To add an international flavour to our vast array of cell site images, our experts are always

on the lookout for cell site images even whilst on holiday!

This particular site is in the town of Benodet in Brittany and provided the area with solid 4G service.

Cell Site Of The Week

This was provided by one of our Analysts and was taken on a recent trip to Venice.


Cell Site of The Week 27/01/17

Or how to ruin the look of an otherwise attractive Birmingham Victorian property……One man’s cell site is anothers eyesore.


Cell Site of the Week 23/12/16

After another hectic year involving hundreds of cell site surveys, we are ending 2016 with a collage of recently viewed cell sites in the Birmingham and Staffordshire areas, we have traditional multi-operator masts as well as an interesting brick styled disguised antenna!


Cell Site of The Week 07/11/16

Given its recent anniversary, it seemed appropriate to feature the Crystal Palace Tower.

Even though it was built for the purposes of radio and TV transmissions, it is also home to several cell sites

mounted at an intermediate height so as not to cause too much interference.

Recent cell site surveys show this site to provide extensive coverage of the Crystal Palace and Norwood areas.


Cell Site of the Week 01/09/16

During recent survey work in Gloucester, this cell site was found to provide coverage to much of the City Centre,

with three networks hosted on the rooftop, providing all technologies 2G, 3G and 4G