Cell Site Analysis Trials & Tribulations

Footprint Investigations have been established for over a decade this year and our experts have never been busier. We have recently reached a stage where we are having to turn work away even when it is not what we would have deemed ‘urgent’ in the past. Our cell site experts are instructed on both prosecution and defence cases, however when the pandemic hit last year that changed. As the courts were not running then we mainly took on prosecution work. This is now having an impact as the courts are operational and a number of our experts can find themselves in court for days on end.

We are now taking on both prosecution and defence work and ‘straightforward’ cases seem to be few and far between. Many cases are now county lines and drugs conspiracies, many involving Encro data and we are generally instructed by a number of defendants in each case. Our experts cover the whole of the UK and we are regularly instructed to conduct work for a third of police forces as well as a quarter of all criminal defence firms.

We have always been able to keep capacity for a number of ‘urgent’ cases as we always have enquiries for this type of work. This is no longer the case and we understand that as there are so few qualified experts then this is also the case for other companies.

If you have a case containing cell site evidence and you would like to have it checked then time is of the essence. Even when you think there is plenty of time you can still usually rely on the LAA to delay matters! You may be required to obtain a second quote, which you may struggle to obtain and then by the time you are granted prior authority then your expert may no longer have time to do the work.

We are now taking enquiries for work in relation to trials in the latter part of the year, as well as for 2022.

If you have a case you wish to discuss please call Denise on 01527 467467 or email denise.morris@footprint.cjsm.net