Welcome to our new Law Enforcement Telecoms Trainer

Footprint Investigations are delighted to welcome John Scorfield to their team. John will be conducting the role of Specialist Telecoms Trainer, and will deliver training courses for cell site analysis and related telecoms to Law Enforcement Agencies nationwide.

John is a proficient trainer who holds both Police and University teaching qualifications. He is an operational Police Officer with a wealth of experience in investigation, having worked on a number of high profile murder enquiries. In particular he has worked with Telecoms data over the last 10 years and has been able to offer advice on a number of investigations both at home and abroad.

John has worked for NPIA and was the key author in rewriting the national Detective training course in recent years. Furthermore, John has written and delivered Telecoms specific training courses for the last 8 years. These courses have been delivered to Officers in the majority of UK Police forces as well as to Law Enforcement agencies abroad. The quality of these training courses can be judged by the fact that they received University accreditation.

Footprint Investigations believe that John has proved himself to be the UK’s leading Telecoms trainer and consider that his subject knowledge and delivery style are second to none. As such they are delighted that John has agreed to deliver their suite of Telecoms training courses.

If you would like more information regarding any of the telecoms training courses please contact Footprint Investigations on 01527 467467 or training@footprintinvestigations.com