Cell Site Analysis and the Investigator

Footprint Investigations gave a talk yesterday for the Investigator magazine at Rothley Court Hotel in Leicestershire.

The talk, which also included a section on mobile phone triage, was aimed at Analysts and Investigators who deal with mobile phone or cell site analysis evidence on a regular basis.

One of the main objectives was to ascertain how mobile phone and cell site analysis evidence can be used to full advantage in the current economic climate.

Andy Townsend, Commercial Director at Footprint Investigations covered a brief history regarding the type of cases in which cell site analysis has been utilised, which historically have been the most serious cases, to now, where cell site analysis can be used on a much smaller scale for cases involving burglary, harassment and similar.

Many thanks to the Investigator Magazine for the regular invites to talk about cell site analysis.

Greg Robinson, senior cell site analysis expert also gave a talk yesterday. He was invited for a second time to Stuart Miller Solicitors to give the talk “Cell Site Analysis Explained”.

Greg dispelled some of the myths people have regarding cell site analysis, and covered many of the points which are raised in court when cell site analysis evidence is used during a trial.

A demonstration of the latest radio frequency network survey equipment was also given to the solicitors present, many of whom had come across cell site analysis during cases which they had handled.

A technical overview was also covered by Greg, as well as showing some examples of call schedules and mapping as well as some real case studies where Footprint Investigations have conducted cell site analysis for both prosecution and defence.

The talk was finished off with a talk about mobile phone attribution and the importance of this being done correctly in relation to cell site analysis.

Many thanks to Stuart Miller Solicitors for inviting us back to give a cell site analysis update.