Cell Site Analysis at Forensics Europe Expo 2013

Footprint Investigations attended the digital forensics conference at Olympia, London yesterday to speak about Cell Site Analysis on day 2 of the Forensics Europe Expo 2013.

The morning consisted of some very interesting presentations discussing the challenges of Law Enforcement Agencies when using mobile phones and cell site analysis as evidence, and case studies were shown by Police Scotland Major Incident Team, as well as Merseyside Police Matrix Team.

Andy Townsend of Footprint investigations spoke regarding cell site analysis and the investigator and first gave a brief overview of cell site analysis along with the changes in the type of case it is now used in.

Andy also spoke about the challenges of using cell site analysis in relation to the current economic climate, and also about changes in the way the Crown delivers cell site analysis evidence. The opportunities regarding cell site analysis for investigators were also discussed.

The cell site analysis session finished with a talk regarding the pitfalls of cell site analysis, and then a question and answer section.

Afterwards, Greg Robinson, Technical Director and Cell Site Expert was on hand, along with Andy to answer further questions from Investigating Officers.

Many thanks to the Investigator Magazine for inviting Footprint Investigations along to speak at this very interesting and worthwhile conference.