Cell Site Manager Trevor Fordy on BBC News

Trevor Fordy, one of Footprint Investigations Cell Site Managers gave an interview to the BBC today.

Trevor assisted with the telecommunications evidence in the initial investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann whilst working in his former role as a Specialist Telecoms Advisor.

According to the BBC, Police are analysing data from thousands of phones belonging to people in the village at the time.

Footprint Investigations welcomes the latest development, and as discussed on BBC News the passing of time will have had some impact on the ability to interrorgate the data that has been secured. The data should still be significant in assisting the ongoing enquiry to achieve a successful conclusion.

The full news report can be seen here.

Trevor’s CV  includes the below endorsement from Lord John Stevens of Kirkwhelpington (Former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police);

“I have known Trevor since 1991 and confirm he is an extremely accomplished investigator whose attributes are his dogged determination, his integrity and his ability to get the job done. His skills in seeking out the truth is outstanding and proven”.