CPD Training at No.1 High Pavement Chambers

The cell site analysis team from Footprint Investigations visited the Mercure Hotel in Nottingham this week. A CPD course was delivered to more than 70 attendees who were mainly Barristers from 1 High Pavement Chambers, who kindly organised the event, as well as Solicitors from local firms such as The Johnson Partnership, Bhatia Best, VHS Fletchers, Cartwright King and Phillips Solicitors.

The audience were very knowledgeable about cell site analysis, and a number of people had even introduced cell site evidence where the Crown had not relied upon it.

The CPD training covered how cell site analysis works, recent developments affecting Crown delivery of this type of evidence, myths, truths and questions which are often asked in court.  Cell Site Expert Greg Robinson delivered the CPD training along with Commercial Director Andy Townsend. Greg gave a live demonstration of radio frequency network surveys to show hands on practical usage which gave the audience a “real” experience as to how radio frequency fluctuates at any particular location.

Case studies were also given, looking at mapping and call schedules in a review of a “cut throat” defence case.

Andy delivered a section about mobile phone attribution, giving an explanation of the methodology used to support or contest phone attribution to a particular individual.

Excellent feedback was given by attendees afterwards, and the team at Footprint Investigations would like to thank the organisers and those who attended from No.1 High Pavement Chambers and all the local solicitors firms.