Autumn Sessions Cell Site Analysis Explained

Yesterday saw the start of our autumn sessions delivering the CPD course “Cell Site Analysis Explained” to Solicitors and Barristers all over the UK.

Expert Witness, Greg Robinson from Footprint Investigations was invited along to MSB solicitors in Liverpool yesterday to deliver the course. Greg was called upon to conduct some urgent cell site analysis work and was unavailable to attend so the course was delivered by Commercial Director Andy Townsend.

During the talk Andy spoke of recent developments regarding how the prosecution undertake cell site analysis work, along with changes to the delivery of the evidence in court.

Andy gave an overview of how cell site analysis works for those that had not yet come across cell site analysis evidence in a case. Mobile phone attribution was also covered during the afternoon in relation to this type of evidence.

The subject of radio frequency surveys was also covered briefly and cell site analysis case studies were shown to clarify how the surveys are used within cell site analysis evidence.

There was also a discussion about introducing cell site analysis in order to corroborate an alibi, where the Crown have not introduced cell site analysis, covering data retention and how to obtain the call data records from the individual network providers.

Many thanks to MSB Solicitors for inviting the cell site  experts at Footprint Investigations to deliver the course.