Piecing The Evidence Together


Do you have a case where images form part of the evidence?

Footprint Investigations have been offering the service of Image presentation for use at court for over a year now.

We have an in-house graphic designer and ex police officer, who assists police forces and defence teams wishing to present video footage and images in a jury friendly manner. This is not an expert discipline, we do not enhance or analyse the footage, we make it easy to view and understand.

Evidence of this nature is often presented in court to ‘tell a story’ to the jury in an easy to understand format.

The evidence can be comprised of CCTV, photographs, diagrams, dashcams, BWV, doorbell footage and the like.

If you have a case that would benefit from a high-quality visual presentation, please contact Andy Townsend on 01527 467467 or enquiries@footprintinvestigations.com