What is Cell Site Analysis?

When we conduct our CPD course “Cell Site Analysis Explained”, we normally come across a number of Lawyers who have never encountered cell site evidence, and we give a short outline of how cell site analysis works.

If you are not sure about exactly how this type of evidence works, read on, it may assist you in a future case.

The CPD course “Cell Site Analysis Explained” is directed at those Solicitors, Advocates and Barristers who represent both the Crown and defence cases in the Criminal Courts within the United Kingdom and it is intended to give a basic understanding as to the ability, restrictions and opportunities of this expert discipline.

Cell Site Analysis has been historically used for serious crime investigations and their subsequent court trials.  In the late 1990’s, prosecution cases were supported by the analysis of mobile telecommunication traffic data, but this was restricted at that time to the most serious of trials. Significant events such as the Omagh bombing (August 1998) included such evidence that implicated two offenders being present at the scene of the crime as well as other terrorist activity two weeks earlier.

It was inevitable that the usage of telecommunication data would be demanded as a necessity in complex cases.  It became used as an intelligence tool to rebuild the history as to the movement of criminals, to identify preparatory activity and to show geographical attendance against a reliable timeline.  As many murder cases then used Cell Site Analysis many more trials became eligible for the support of this ‘expert opinion’.

In recent years, the level at which the prosecution have relied on this type of data analysis has been relaxed to include cases such as burglary, commercial vehicle thefts, road traffic collisions resulting in death, arson and assault. It appeared that any offence where imprisonment was likely would or could include the opportunity to draw on Cell Site Analysis.

With the introduction of even greater communication services, faster links to the internet, and GPS aligned applications, then Cell Site Analysis has the potential to hold even more evidential weight in the future.

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