Who Are Our Cell Site Experts? Ashley Grant MBA

Ashley is employed by Footprint Investigations as a Cell Site Engineer and Expert Witness in the field of Cell Site Analysis. He gained 24 years of experience working as a radio frequency engineer and telecommunications intelligence analyst in the British Army. For a decade of that time, he worked alongside partners across Government, where he specialised in geolocating and analysing cellular networks and mobile devices. He completed multiple analytical tradecraft pathways, including mobile and telephony analysis, geolocation analysis, and computer-to-computer analysis. Ashley also deployed telecommunications capabilities in support of UK missions overseas and delivered training in GSM, CDMA2000, UMTS, LTE, WIFI, and RFPS to military and government cell site engineers.

After leaving the Armed Forces Ashley joined Footprint Investigations as a Cell Site Engineer and Expert Witness and has written many Cell Site Analysis reports for both prosecution and defence and has provided expert witness testimony in court.

He continues to gain relevant experience and develop his cell site knowledge by acquiring relevant qualifications, including, Wray Castle’s 5G Cell Planning course. Ashley holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Staffordshire University and has over two decades of significant knowledge and experience in radio frequency principles, cellular technologies, and data analysis, providing him with the relevant technical and practical skills appropriate for an expert witness in the field of cell site analysis.