Cell Site Analysis in 2020

This year has been one of the strangest yet for the cell site experts. We are usually overrun with criminal defence work, always last minute but this year has been very different.

The first quarter of the year was the same as ever with late instructions and reports needed as a matter of urgency. Then coronavirus hit and all trials were halted. Many cases were awaiting further work to be done, and only now are some of these trials starting up again. Many are now delayed until late next year.

The primary focus of our work during the first lock down was prosecution work as we took very few criminal defence instructions.

All of our experts have been and still are working remotely along with some of our analysts and management team. We moved office, albeit within the same building, during the first lock down so the remaining staff could safely socially distance. The office has stayed open throughout as much of the data we receive is sent on disc so a small number of staff are still working in the office. The experts have been fully operational and have continued to offer radio frequency network surveys to law enforcement and criminal defence firms.

All conferences now take place virtually and we have also been providing virtual training for barrister’s chambers since March.

It appears it will take some time for the courts to become fully operational again, however it seems that the number of requests for criminal defence work are now at the same level they were at the beginning of the year. We have not yet reached the stage of the majority of the work being urgent, however we envisage that this is not too far away.

Thank you to everyone who has instructed us in 2020 and we look forward to working with you again in future cases.

The cell site experts can assist you with cell site analysis, call pattern analysis, mobile phone attribution, virtual training and Encrochat issues.

If you have a case you wish to discuss please contact Denise Morris on 01527 467467 or email denise@footprintinvestigations.com or secure denise.morris@footprint.cjsm.net