Chief Constables Commendation Awarded to Greg Robinson

Greg Robinson was awarded a certificate of commendation last night by Gareth Morgan, Chief Constable of Staffordshire Police. The award was presented for his contribution to the investigation into the murder of Staffordshire midwife Samantha Eastwood in July 2018. Greg was instructed to conduct urgent cell site analysis survey work during the missing person search, which turned into the largest murder enquiry dealt with by this police force in recent history.

Greg was accompanied at the presentation by Andy Townsend from Footprint Investigations and he comments that the Chief Constable’s citation reflected the quality and professionalism that Greg consistently provides in his evidential reports. Numerous other police staff and external expert witnesses were also commended.
This is the second commendation Greg has received for his cell site analysis work. He was previously awarded another commendation by Leicestershire Police for his excellent case preparation of the cell site analysis work and delivery of evidence in court.
We believe Greg to be the first cell site analysis expert to have received two such awards.