Speed Data – ing!

The below article was recently published in the first edition of The Forensic Investigator Magazine. To view the magazine click here.

Do you feel that you are alone?  May be working long hours, fed up with vast amounts of phone data.  You may have a ‘Good Sense of Humour’, but communications data is getting you down.  Are you the sort that likes to eat out and enjoy socialising, but unfortunately you are stuck in front of a computer for hours on end, creating call schedules?  If you can relate to this so far, then you are probably a Law Enforcement Analyst or a Detective tasked to deal with mobile phone data.  Do not despair…there is an alternative.

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Mobile Phone Forensics or Cell Site Analysis – What is required to provide a report?

There are numerous areas of mobile phone forensics, better known as digital forensics, including cell site analysis.

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