Happy 8th Birthday to The Cell Site Experts

The Cell Site Experts at Footprint Investigations celebrate their 8th business year this month.

Footprint Investigations have grown year on year and are the largest dedicated cell site analysis company in the UK. We supply reports for both prosecution and defence and have prepared well in excess of a thousand cell site analysis reports in the last eight years.

Happy Birthday


Our cell site analysis experts have given evidence in hundreds of trials for both prosecution and defence in many UK courts.

Footprint Investigations was started by Greg Robinson who is the Technical Director and one of our in-house cell site experts, along with Andy Townsend, Commercial Director. Since then the company has grown and we now have a team of four Cell Site Analysts, three cell site experts and two cell site managers and a software developer.

We have undertaken cell site analysis work for over half of the UK police forces as well as a significant number for criminal defence firms.

We have over the years seen our workload shift from mainly defence work to what is now a fairly even split of prosecution and defence work.

Much of the work undertaken is usually urgent, and even defence cases where we are instructed in good time usually also become urgent due to late disclosure of call data records.  Footprint Investigations have adapted to this over the years and are used to working dynamically on cases as the trial is ongoing.

We do also still undertake a select number of training courses for chambers should they wish to host an event.

To discuss your case in confidence please call Denise or Andy on 01527 467467 or email enquiries@footprintinvestigations.com

The Cell Site Experts look forward to receiving instructions from existing and new customers both prosecution and defence.