Entries by Greg

Cell Site of the Week 03/06/15

A misreable morning in Stoke on Trent, summer has not arrived here yet! This cell site is employing some back tilt to assist propagation above the local clutter, while the adjacent sector is using downtilt to restrict coverage to the intended local area. A difficult task when the cell is on high ground in a […]

Cell Site of the Week 22/05/15

                                        While visiting Cornwall our senior cell site expert observed this omni-directional cell site, still employed in rural areas where capacity is not the main issue!  

Win a powerbank smartphone charger!

Win one of our fantastic smartphone chargers with the capacity to charge most smartphones from flat! You can now become a cell site expert and find a cell site to photograph! The best image of a cell site from a legal professional will win. Please send photos with your name and company address to cellsite@footprintinvestigations.com

Cell Site of the Week 13/08/13

This is a light hearted look at an otherwise serious subject. During the course of our daily cell site analysis surveys we observe many types of cell site structures. Our dedicated senior cell site expert Greg Robinson, whilst surveying  recently observed a cell site deploying very large antennas upgraded to provide multi channel 3G and […]

Cell Site Analysis Training

Cell site analysis evidence tends to feature quite heavily in most serious cases such as murder and drugs conspiracies, but also in cases of burglary, harassment and the like.

Cell Site Analysis takes time

Cell Site Analysis Experts are generally being instructed very late in many cases. It would seem though that this is becoming the norm which is quite worrying as complex cell site analysis really does take time. A sought after cell site expert will normally be booked for some time in advance leaving fewer opportunities to […]

Independent Cell Site Analysis

Over the years our cell site analysis experts have either been instructed to prepare a cell site report for the prosecution or by the defence in order to potentially challenge a prosecution cell site analysis report.