Can Cell Site Analysis Help My Case?

I had a call recently from a person who is to stand trial for an offence and who is adamant that he was nowhere near the scene of the alleged incident. I would normally be having this conversation with either the defendants Solicitor or Counsel.

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Cell Site Analysis under scrutiny

Cell site analysis has been in the news quite regularly over the last couple of weeks. One of the most prominent stories is that of the News International phone hacking trial.

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Complimentary CPD training for Barristers Chambers, Circuits and Solicitors firms

The cell site experts at Footprint investigations are available to give BSB and SRA accredited CPD training to Barristers and Solicitors. We have 2 courses available;

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Cell Site Explained – 2014

Footprint Investigations are pleased to announce that our latest presentation is ready for delivery. After unprecedented demand for our “Cell Site Explained” course we have developed a new improved course for 2014 which also attracts 3 CPD points. This will include further developments in cell site analysis techniques, new wireless technologies and their impact as well as changes in network infrastructure.

If you have not yet had a case involving cell site analysis then it may be worth attending a CPD course on the subject which should leave you armed with enough information to feel comfortable with this often complex evidence.

If you would like to discuss a particular case, or if you would like to book a complementary CPD course please contact us on 01527 467467 or

Cell Site Analysis – Your Problem Solved

Travelling the UK to deliver cell site analysis training to legal professionals such as Barristers, Advocates and Solicitors it has become clear that many people do not like handling this type of evidence due to the technical nature of it.

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Merry Christmas from The Cell Site Experts

The Cell Site Analysis Team at Footprint Investigations would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Rather than sending Christmas cards Footprint Investigations have made a donation to Acorns Children’s Hospice.

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Independent Cell Site Analysis – How to introduce it

Over the years our cell site analysis experts have either been instructed to prepare a cell site report for the prosecution or by the defence in order to potentially challenge a prosecution cell site analysis report.

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Cell Site Analysis in 2013

This year has been an incredibly busy one for our Cell Site Experts, as well as for the team of Analysts who have worked hard to meet the ever tighter timescales on the cases in which they are instructed.

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Santa seen climbing Liverpool radio tower

As seen by one of our cell site experts while at Liverpool Crown Court yesterday.

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Festive sing along with cell site!

        On the twelfth day of Christmas,
My ‘Expert’ gave to me:
Twelve phones a ringing,
Eleven calls awaiting,
Ten dirty handsets,
Nine network surveys,
Eight Motorola’s,
Seven Sims a swapping,
Six sectored cell sites,
Five golden Sims!
4 G connections,
Free texts for life,
Two iTunes cards,
and smart phone in a pear tree.