Complementary CPD Training for Circuits and Chambers

The Cell Site Experts at Footprint Investigations are now taking bookings for training events from Circuits and Chambers who are looking to organise in house events for their members in 2014.

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Cell Site Analysis Training in Brighton

Footprint investigations were delighted to be invited to deliver the CPD course ” Cell Site Analysis Explained to the criminal defence team at Gerard Maye Legal yesterday.

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Cell Site Analysis Certificates

Attendees from the training course “Cell Site Analysis Explained” at 43 Temple Row Chambers should receive their attendance certificates over the next few days.

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43 Temple Row – Cell Site Analysis Training

Footprint Investigations were invited to deliver the CPD course ” Cell Site Analysis Explained” at 43 Temple Row Chambers on Friday.

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New CPD Year

Today is the first of the new run of CPD courses, and we will be delivering “Cell Site Analysis Explained” to the Solicitors of Birmingham on behalf of 43 Temple Row Chambers.

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Book a complementary CPD course and you will be in good company

Whether you are still missing a few CPD points for this year, or whether you want to hold an event for your local Solicitors, you will be in good company if you book with Footprint Investigations. These are some of the Chambers who have invited us to conduct the training course “Cell Site Analysis Explained”;

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The Importance of Mobile Phone Attribution

Frequently it is heard that Cell Site Analysis will place an individual at a specific location, area or vicinity.  Of course, such inappropriate comments are usually addressed immediately and correcting the statement so to reflect it is the mobile phone (SIM card) that is located and not an individual. It therefore follows that to attribute the mobile phone to a person or persons is essential for the evidence to have significant bearing.

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Cell Site of the Week 08/11/13

Blackfriars 1 copy

This is a light hearted look at an otherwise serious subject. During the course of our daily cell site analysis surveys we observe many types of cell site structures. Our dedicated senior cell site expert Greg Robinson, whilst attending court recently observed a busy cell site upgraded to provide 4G services in the shadow of The Shard.

2013-09-26 Blackfriars full


Cell Site Analysis takes time!

Please remember that to do a thorough cell site analysis takes time! We often find ourselves being instructed at the start of a trial! While we understand that sometimes the cell site evidence is served late in the day, it is imperative that you act quickly and instruct your cell site expert so that they have time to complete the required work. Where network surveys are involved, the time for the work to be completed is increased. Generally we at Footprint Investigations can complete most jobs within 2-3 working weeks of receiving all data required in the correct format.