CPD Certificates

Certificates for all Barristers and Solicitors who have attended the CPD course ” Cell Site Analysis Explained” have been sent out today to the following firms;

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Dere St Chambers CPD

There was a significant amount of good knowledge within the room which lead to many interesting questions. One question asked was in relation to cell site coverage and whether the individual coverage patterns change over time. It was explained that in general the coverage patterns remain so long as there are no significant changes to the cell regarding antenna swaps, tilts etc and the discussion lead to an explanation of cell breathing on the 3G networks which effectively reduces the range of the cell during busy traffic times.

Cell Site CPD Training in Liverpool

Footprint Investigations were in Liverpool yesterday delivering their very popular CPD course “Cell Site Analysis Explained” to the Solicitors at Jackson and Canter.

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Cell Site Analysis Last Chance CPD Points

Footprint Investigations have been out and about recently delivering the CPD course “Cell Site Analysis Explained” to Barristers and Solicitors as the latter rapidly approach the end of the CPD year.

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Cell Site Manager Trevor Fordy on BBC News

Trevor Fordy, one of Footprint Investigations Cell Site Managers gave an interview to the BBC today.

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CPD Training at No.1 High Pavement Chambers

The cell site analysis team from Footprint Investigations visited the Mercure Hotel in Nottingham this week. A CPD course was delivered to more than 70 attendees who were mainly Barristers from 1 High Pavement Chambers, who kindly organised the event, as well as Solicitors from local firms such as The Johnson Partnership, Bhatia Best, VHS Fletchers, Cartwright King and Phillips Solicitors.

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Cell Site Analysis Explained in London and Leicester

Footprint Investigations were on the road again recently at Vickers & Co Solicitors in London. Vickers & Co hosted the event which was attended by a number of other local firms.

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Autumn Sessions Cell Site Analysis Explained

Yesterday saw the start of our autumn sessions delivering the CPD course “Cell Site Analysis Explained” to Solicitors and Barristers all over the UK.

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Cell Site Analysis and The Investigator Magazine

The article “The Scales of Justice”, written by Commercial Director Andy Townsend, appears in this month’s Investigator Magazine

The importance of Cell Site Analysis cannot be underestimated. It frequently is presented as part of the prosecution case and naturally should be considered on the behalf of the defendant(s). It is more common now that the defence team initiate Cell Site Analysis even when the Crown does not rely on such evidence. Our own Cell Site experts are frequently asked what appears to be a standard set of questions during their evidence, but there is one form of questioning that has an ‘irritable inference’ which could be easily dismissed or potentially be catastrophic, regardless of whether it is a Crown of a Defence Expert report.
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Free Cell Site Analysis CPD for Barristers and Solicitors

The Cell Site Experts at Footprint Investigations are now taking autumn 2013 bookings for the free CPD course “Cell Site Analysis Explained”.

This BSB and SRA accredited training course has been very successful over the past couple of years, and the Cell Site Analysis experts from Footprint Investigations have travelled to chambers and solicitors offices nationwide offering their expertise on Cell Site Analysis and its importance in criminal investigations. Read more