Cell Site Analysis in 2018

There are only a couple of working weeks left in 2018 which has been a very busy year for the cell site experts. We expanded the team last year and this year have added a further three staff to the team, including a third Cell Site Analysis Expert, a Software Developer and a fourth Cell Site Analyst.

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International Cell Site Of The Week

This is a cell site located on Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany as taken on a recent trip by one of our cell site analysis experts.

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Happy 8th Birthday to The Cell Site Experts

The Cell Site Experts at Footprint Investigations celebrate their 8th business year this month.

Footprint Investigations have grown year on year and are the largest dedicated cell site analysis company in the UK. We supply reports for both prosecution and defence and have prepared well in excess of a thousand cell site analysis reports in the last eight years.

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Disclosure in Criminal Cases – Cell Site Analysis

Our Services

The report recently published by the Commons Justice committee on disclosure of evidence in criminal cases made interesting reading.

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International Cell Site Of The Week

A cell site picture taken on a recent trip to Sydney Australia by one of our Cell Site Analysis Experts.


Cell Site Training for Barristers


If any Chambers would like us to visit & deliver free CPD training we are now taking bookings for September 2018 onward for Cell Site Analysis updates.

The courses we currently deliver are ‘Cell Site Analysis explained’ and advanced course ‘Cell Site Analysis in Action’

Have a look at which firms have already undertaken one of our courses. You will be in good company.

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Cell Site Analysis in Criminal Trials


The cell site analysis experts at Footprint Investigations work on a variety of cases. Some of the cases we are currently instructed on include murder, drugs conspiracies, robbery, rape, people trafficking, arson, child protection and a number of appeals cases.

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How to obtain your clients call data records for cell site analysis


shutterstock_21739396 (1)

If you wish to independently introduce cell site analysis evidence to support an alibi then you will need the call data records.

Network providers keep the call data records for a 12-month period, so if the police did not obtain data then you can still do so within this time-frame. In order to conduct cell site analysis then we would always recommend obtaining both outgoing and incoming call data for your client’s phone. You would need to obtain a court order to do this as incoming data is classed as third-party disclosure.

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Cell Site Analysis Expert Required


Cell Site Analysis Engineer Required

We are currently recruiting for a cell site analysis expert to join the UK’s leading dedicated provider of cell site analysis.

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How does cell site analysis work?

Cell Site Analysis can locate a mobile phone operating in a certain area when any call activity occurs on the phone, this could be a voice call, text message or a connection to the internet.

The opposite also applies, that is, we can eliminate a mobile phone from being in a certain location at a certain time if the call data supports this.

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